Aliansce Sonae Commitment

Responsibility to people, the environment and Brazil

The Aliansce Sonae Commitment to Sustainability is a reflection of the company's values regarding social and environmental responsibility. This includes business ethics, the welfare of the communities surrounding its developments, the proper use of natural resources and environmental conservation.

Our socio-environmental pillars are based on the following ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles:


Maintaining relationships with stakeholders based on ethics, transparency and legality. Making continual progress in the management of employees, offering better working, health and safety conditions, and creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Maximizing the use of natural resources by investing in efficient use of water and energy, as well as carrying out the appropriate management of waste from each of our malls.


Investing in education in all its forms, using our capacity to spread information and lead by example for the benefit of the population, in order to transform the reality of the communities where we operate, and allowing them to take their place with dignity in Brazilian society.

Download the Sustainability Report 2019 and the Sustainability Policy